Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ade RumaH Untuk Disewa Kat Ipoh GArden

Hai kawan2..Ni saja Nak promote untuk sape2 yang cari sewa kat ipoh garden.kat blakang hospital Fatima. Fullyfurnish(btul ke aku eja ni?hihi),baru cat dan klu korang rasa perabot or kelengkapan rumah 2 xcukup,korg bleh cakap kat tuan rumah 2 korg nak ape..nanti tuan rumah akan tunaikan permintaan anda(ni tuan rumah 2 yg ckp la).rumah 3 bilik,bilik air aku lupe nk tnye ade brape. Sewa agak mahal la rm660 tapi klu korg pandai ayat bleh kurg lg kot. Slamat mencuba!(aku xdapat komisyen pun promote rumah ni..hoho)Sape yg berminat sila tgglkan komen kat sini or yg dah ade nombor hp aku bleh contact aku trus.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ni game bomberman untuk PSP-click here to download

susah r nak letak game yg internet slow(wifi curi)ha3..tapi akan ku cuba di masa akan datg

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Free Nod32 antivirus protection dengan key license skali







Click to download mp3 amir_ukays-terlanjur mencintaimu

Harap pian download lagu ni..die memang suke lagu jiwang2 ni..hoho masihku igt peristiwa rocky

Free download lagu kain puith-putra

download r..penat2 aku upload gak layan rock kapak ni..ha3..

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Download heroes season3 episode7

Aku xdownload pn..

Download Dota Maphack

Dota Allstars Map Hack is a program that can visible all the Dota Allstars heroes,creeps and buildings even it's coverd with fog of war. This means there is no fog in your map! You can see your enemy clearly without having anything blocking. You also can see anemies hp and mana level at the beside of the srceen. So, it is an advantage if you use AOE hero like Zeus, Spectra, Invoker and clockwerk. From your ally side to the enemies side, its all clear. You can know where the Dota Allstars heroes hiding. The advantages of using this Dota Allstars Map Hack is you can avoid yourself from being Gangbang! And even you can plan to do Backdoor (Desprate winning...)

Click Here To Download Latest Dota Ai map 6.57

Practice playing dota at home with Ai plus.

Click Here To Download Dota Latest Map 6.58

changelogs of dota map 6.58

* Blademail: Remade (see details below)
* Cranium Basher: Remade (see details below)
* Heart: Changed the regen mechanism, it now gives 1% non-stacking passive HP regen
* Javelin: Cost increased from 1400 to 1500 gold and damage from 16 to 21
* Demon Edge: Cost reduced from 2600 to 2400 gold
* Buriza: Recipe cost increased from 1000 to 1200 gold
* Monkey King Bar: Improved damage from 75 to 80 and chance from 30->35%
* Rapier: Now requires Demon Edge and Sacred Relic only and provides 200 damage instead of 250
* Eul's Scepter of Divinity: Recipe cost reduced from 800 to 600 gold
* Mask of Madness: Amplified damage is now applied at the end instead of within the duration
* Mask of Madness: Cooldown reduction from 30 to 25 seconds
* Diffusal Blade: Lowered the Agility bonus from 25 to 22
* Diffusal Blade: The purge now lasts the same on non-hero units like Spirit Bear as it does on heroes (15->4 seconds)
* Sentry Wards: True sight range increased by 100
* Illusion Rune: Now creates 2 images instead of 1, images deal a little less damage

## Heroes ##

* Storm Spirit: Remade (see details below)
* Dirge: Remade (see details below)
* Venomancer: Reworked Shadow Strike (see details below)
* Vengeful Spirit: Reworked Terror (see details below)
* Bane: Changed how Fiend's Grip works a little (see details below)
* Silencer: Curse of the Silent is now an AOE effect
* Necrolyte: Now has Heartstopper instead of Diffusion Aura
* Windrunner: Removed attack count limit on Focus Fire
* Rooftrellen: Living Armor is now castable on structures
* Bone Fletcher: Death Pact can now be used on any non-hero unit, not just allied units.
* Spirit Breaker: Charge of Darkness' buff indicator on the enemy is now visible to the enemy only when you are 2500 units or closer
* Spirit Breaker: Has magic immunity when he reaches maximum speed in Charge of Darkness
* Spirit Breaker: Empowering Haste bonus damage is now implemented as +damage visible on your interface
* Furion: Sprout can now be directly cast on yourself
* Morphling: Morph now gives him a passive +2/4/6/8 Agility and Strength bonus when leveling it up
* Pudge: Flesh Heap bonus strength gained from heroes is improved from 0.3/0.6/0.9/1.2 to 0.9/1.2/1.5/1.8
* Axe: Counter Helix cooldown now scales from 0.6 seconds to 0.7/0.65/0.60/0.55 (245761)
* Lucifer: Lvl? Death bonus damage is now reduced by magic resistance only rather than both magic resistance and armor
* Lucifer: Reduced Doom's cooldown by 20 seconds
* Lucifer: Devour' cast range increased a little from 150 to 300
* Bloodseeker: Improved base strength from 18 to 23
* Bloodseeker: Reduced Rupture's cooldown from 100 to 70 seconds
* Sven: Improved God's Strength's cooldown from 120 to 80 seconds
* Enchantress: Improved base damage by 10
* Drow Ranger: Improved Marksmanship by 3 Agility each level
* Viper: Viper Strike's cooldown reduced from 80 to 80/50/30 seconds
* Rhasta: Increased cast range on Mass Serpent Ward
* Templar Assassin: Improved turn rate
* Huskar: Life Break now properly slows magic immune units
* Enigma: Reduced Eidolons' bounty
* Enigma: Reduced manacost on Midnight Pulse from 135/150/165/180 to 95/110/125/140
* Lone Druid: Improved Spirit Bear's Entangle from 16 to 20% and cooldown from 6 to 5 seconds
* Ursa: Enrage bonus damage is now implemented as +damage visible on your interface
* Pugna: Reduced Scepter upgraded Life Drain cooldown dramatically
* Venomancer: Improved Plague Ward cast range and vision radius
* venomancer: Poison Sting damage type is now lethal
* Bane: Fiend's Grip now wakes a unit up from Nightmare
* Bane: Removed the life degen and enemy suicide mechanism from Enfeeble
* Witch Doctor: Voodoo Restoration no longer triggers Essence Aura
* Stealth Assassin: Removed ministun and tree destruction on smokescreen
* Stealth Assassin: Backstab damage type is now Physical
* Proudmoore: Reduced Captain CoCo's Rum movement bonus (30%->10%)
* Proudmoore: Ghost Ship cooldown increased from 100/80/60 to a constant 100
* Spectre: Haunt now ends whenever you use Reality
* Keeper of the Light: Rescaled Mana Leak cast range (1200->550/700/850/1000)
* Naix: Increased Open Wounds manacost from 70/80/90/100 to a constant 110 mana
* Visage: Rebalanced Raise Revenants (5/6/7 Max to 4/5/6 Max, Sight radius reduced by 50%, 29/39/49 damage to 40/46/52)
* Meepo: Earthbind no longer works on magic immune units
* Meepo: Rebalanced Poof (40/80/120/160 -> 60/80/100/120)